Media Assets
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Please ensure you downoad and read the Logo Guidelines PDF to ensure correct usage of these assests.

All logos are available in .EPS and transparent .PNG format.

Logo Usage Guidlines (.PDF)


iNSPiRe Logo with description (.eps) (.png)

iNSPiRe Logo without description (.eps) (.png)

iNSPiRe Horizontal Logo (.eps) (.png)

Inverted Logos (for use over dark backgrounds)

iNSPiRe Inverted Logo with description (.eps) (.png)

iNSPiRe Inverted Logo without description (.eps) (.png)

iNSPiRe Inverted Horizontal Logo (.eps) (.png)

Greyscale Versions of All logos

Greyscale version of all logos (.eps)

Fonts Used

Trebuchet/ Open Sans

Rotis Serif/ Merriweather

Download All

Pack contains all logo versions and fonts (.ZIP)