iNSPiRe delivering exactly what the JRC calls for

iNSPiRe delivering exactly what the JRC calls for

In its latest far-reaching and ambitious Science and Policy Report, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) places the idea of developing and implementing energy-efficient renovation kits at the heart of its overall message that energy renovation of Europe’s buildings is the only feasible way to reach and then surpass the EC’s 2020 energy targets.

The report, titled Energy Renovation: The Trump Card for the New Start for Europe provides a detailed overview of how transforming Europe’s building stock will dramatically reduce the energy we consume and the green house gases we produce.

The report goes further in describing the renovation of older buildings as not only instrumental in reaching energy targets, but also in creating economic growth and jobs.

Now, with iNSPiRe’s renovation kits about to enter a period of extensive testing and validation, the report is a timely reminder that the project is perfectly placed to deliver the right retrofitting kits to the market at precisely the right time.

“Energy renovation will stimulate a new wave of technological innovation,” the report writes. “To reduce the cost of deep renovation, there is a need to develop energy renovation ‘kits’ tailored to each construction period, climatic zone and building type, ‘plug-and-play’ manufactured modular components and systems fully integrated with advanced 3D surveying techniques, and innovative insulation materials.

“If the EU’s building stock is to be converted from being an energy waster to being an energy producer, new technologies will be needed to enable building-to-building and building-to-grid energy interaction, it concludes.”

The iNSPiRe project, coordinated by EURAC and involving 24 partners across Europe, is developing systemic renovation packages that can be applied to residential and tertiary buildings.

The renovation packages will reduce the primary energy consumption of a building to lower than 50 kWh/m2/year, while the plug-and-play packages have been designed for a variety of climates while ensuring optimum comfort for the building users.

To read the full JRC report, click here


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