iNSPiRe Guidebook.

iNSPiRe Guidebook.

iNSPiRe has released a guidebook which provides an accessible insight into the results of the iNSPiRe project, a four-year collaborative research effort which has developed systemic renovation packages designed to reduce the energy consumption of existing buildings.

The majority of existing buildings in Europe currently have low energy performance, consume 40 per cent of all energy used and have a significant impact on harmful emissions and climate change. These buildings cannot simply be knocked down and replaced by new, greener buildings. They must instead be renovated using energy-efficient retrofit solutions.

iNSPiRe has developed five systemic renovation packages for residential buildings in different combinations to meet the particular needs of specific building types and their users. The project has now released a guidebook that will add to the understanding of what technology exists to improve energy efficiency in our buildings and how this can be applied in a variety of ways to suit a variety of conditions. The guidebook also provides a full explanation of the project’s analysis of Europe’s existing building stock.

The guidebook can be used to ensure the practical application of the solutions developed by iNSPiRe. It provides a comprehensive guide to energy saving solutions for residential buildings and can be used to complement other work that has taken place and will continue to take place in this sector.

Click here to see the iNSPiRe guidebook.

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