EU Projects
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Seventh Framework Programme

Effective integration of seasonal thermal energy storage systems in existing buildings.

Energy-Hub for residential and commercial districts and transport.

Envelope Approach to improve Sustainability and Energy efficiency in Existing multi-storey multi-owner residential buildings.

Multi-stakeholder, Cross-sectorial, Collaborative long term Research & Innovation Road Map to overcome Technological and Non-technological barriers towards more energy-efficient buildings & districts.

Autonomous Management System Developed for Building and District Levels.

Energising the Building Sector!

Development of a novel and cost-effective range of nanotech improved coatings to substantially improve NIR (Near Infrared Reflective) properties of the building envelope.

Holistic energy-efficient retrofitting of residential buildings

Development of multifunctional, modular, low cost and easy to install prefabricated modules.
Holistic energy-efficient retrofitting of residential buildings

Multifunctional Energy Efficient Facade System for Building Retrofitting