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What is this database?

This is based on figures available in reviewed literature. The database shows publically available literature for each EU country’s energy use.

In this database, Europe has been divided into seven climate regions, grouped together based on how many days of the year each requires heating, known as heating degree days (HDD), the latter parameter varying from about 500 to 2,500. Each climate region contains one of the seven most populated countries in Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK, Poland and Sweden) and these countries are home to 80 per cent of Europe’s total population.

The database also shows each country’s population, its total available floor space and floor space being heated and/or cooled.

How to use it

Select climate type, country, type of building and type of energy used. You can select more than one of each category if comparisons are to be made.

What it tells us

This is a simple look-up table – a tool devised to compare existing data.

So, it tells us the average energy used and consumed for heating, cooling, domestic hot water and lighting in the selected country or climatic region of Europe for both residential or office buildings. In addition to energy use, the number of literature references available and actually used (because they were believed to be reliable), as well as the standard deviation of the used data points are also reported for statistical purposes.

By using the filters you can select one or more of the types of energy so comparisons can also be made between selected countries and/or climatic regions.

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