Target Building Simulations
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Target Building Simulations

iNSPiRe has generated a vast amount of data on the energy performance a variety of retrofit technologies have on iNSPiRe’s selected reference buildings. This data tells us how specific retrofit packages impact on specific reference buildings.

As in the previous cases, data is provided per climatic region, each region being represented by the climates of Rome, Madrid, Lyon, Stuttgart, London, Gdansk and Stockholm.

In addition to climate, building type and age of construction, users can also select a number of retrofit parameters, such as:

  • Wished-for heating demand after retrofit, which determines the quality of the insulation and new windows
  • Type of heating and cooling generation system
  • Set temperatures of the indoor air
  • Type and temperatures of the heating and cooling distribution systems
  • Size and position of the solar thermal collectors and PV panels.

Again the solutions are predetermined through simulations. However, some results are calculated based on the energy performance and on the values provided in the input worksheet. In particular LCA and cost data are calculated in this way.

A clear understanding of the needs for and effects of decisions taken during retrofit design is highlighted in this database.

How to use it

Select climate type, type of building, age of the building, preferred indoor air temperature, desired heating demand and heating & cooling generation and distribution parameters. You can select more than one of each category if comparisons are to be made.

What it tells us

  • The main features of the retrofit solutions in terms of thermal insulation thickness, windows effectiveness, heating and cooling system thermal power, ventilation rate and distribution system size
  • Reference building’s demand for heating, cooling and DHW before and after retrofit
  • Reference building’s final energy and primary energy use for heating, cooling, DHW and ventilation after retrofit
  • Fractions of renewable energies employed for heating, cooling, DHW and ventilation after retrofit
  • Seasonal Performance Factor and Primary Energy Ratio for heating, cooling, DHW and ventilation after retrofit
  • Utility bills for heating, cooling, DHW and ventilation after retrofit
  • Penalized final energy use in case the comfort requirements are not met
  • Solar thermal and PV fields specific parameters
  • LCA study
  • Investment and running costs analysis.