WP1 Management
WP1 Management 2020-11-03T10:31:29+00:00

Workpackage 1 Heading

img_wp1_sampleLed by: EURAC

Team leader: Roberto Fedrizzi

The iNSPiRE project involves a large consortium of 24 partners across nine work packages from the combined fields of research and development, industry and small business as well as other organizations, such as environmental consultants.

Work Package 1 is the management work package of iNSPiRE and is responsible for the co-ordination of all the partners in the project. EURAC, a research centre for renewable energy, will be taking on the management task of iNSPiRE as leaders of Work Package 1, ensuring that lines of communication remain clear and open across the partners and that deliverables are on time. Work Package 1 will also consider the intellectual property right (IPR) issues that arise during the lifetime of iNSPiRE.


EURAC is a research institute based in Italy and is home to researchers from a wide range of disciplines. EURAC founded its Institute for Renewable Energy in 2007 and it conducts applied research in the fields of solar energy and energy efficiency in buildings. Its activities include national and international research projects as well as direct cooperation with industry partners.

Contact: www.eurac.edu