WP2 Assessment of Buildings’ Loads and Architectural Features
WP2 Assessment of Buildings’ Loads and Architectural Features 2020-11-03T10:34:32+00:00

Workpackage 2 Heading

img_wp2_sampleLed by: BSRIA

Team leader: Ian Wallis

Work Package 2, led by UK market intelligence company BSRIA, will lay the foundations of iNSPiRE with an assessment and a categorisation of building stock, both residential and tertiary, across the European Union.

This classification process will take into account: the age of the buildings; structural characteristics and ownership; energy usage including electricity, heating, users’ patterns and comfort requirements; RES availability and building regulations.

This profiling process will lead to the identification of seven primary types of target buildings. These target buildings will be the ones that have the greatest requirement for refurbishment packages.

Data gathered during BSRIA’s categorisation process will feed directly into the development of the technologies in Work Packages 3 and 4 and the formation of systemic renovation packages in Work Package 6.

Energy Auditing Tool

Concurrent with the categorisation process, sub-package leaders the Solar Energy Research Centre (SERC) (task 2.4) will be heading the development of an energy auditing tool. BSRIA will provide SERC with the specific information regarding the energy usage of the profiled buildings in order for SERC to model this tool.


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