WP4 Energy Generation and Distribution Solutions
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Workpackage 4 Heading

img_wp4_sampleLed by: ZAFH.net

Team leader: Dirk Pietruschka

Work Package 4 is the second technical work package (alongside WP3) within iNSPiRE. This is also one of the largest with 14 participants and seven sub-tasks. Work Package 4 will be led by research centre for sustainable technology, ZAFH.net.

This Work Package has two objectives: firstly, to define standardised energy generation packages (G-RPs) and energy distribution packages (D-RPs) and, secondly, to design industrialised kits for the quick and cost-effective installation of energy generation and distribution technologies as part of the renovation of buildings.

Work Package 4 will take into consideration the heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems in homes and offices while also allowing for the varying climatic conditions across the EU. The packages developed will also be designed to ensure quick and easy installation on site with the aim of producing standardised kits that allow faster renovation while reducing costs.

The partners in Work Package 4 will design and test at least five standardised G-RPs and four D-RPs and one industrialised modular generation kit and two modular distribution kits.

The energy generation solutions developed in Work Package 4 will be mainly hydronic kits that enable the interconnection of different sources of energy. EURAC and SERC will work alongside ZAFH.net on developing strategies that allow the optimisation of different energy sources.

Lighting designers BLL will also contribute to this work package as the sub-task partners responsible for the design and development of lighting systems.

Work package 5 leaders CARTIF will bring IT solutions to Work Package 4 by developing monitoring and evaluation systems for the packages produced by this work package.

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