WP5 Monitoring of Energy Management
WP5 Monitoring of Energy Management 2020-11-03T10:53:39+00:00

Workpackage 5 Heading

img_wp5_sampleLed by: CARTIF

Team leader: Andreas Macia

Work Package 5, led by technology centre CARTIF, will provide IT solutions across the work packages in iNSPiRE. The primary objective of Work Package 5 is to define and design a monitoring system to assess the energy savings and performance of buildings under renovation and to build surveillance software that will handle the information produced by the building’s monitoring system.

Work Package 5 is closely linked with Work Package 4 in developing systems to monitor the lighting systems and evaluate the energy systems and savings performance.

This work package will also be integral to the demo stage of iNSPiRE, Work Package 7. CARTIF will provide IT solutions for the monitoring and surveillance of the three case studies. They will interpret data, verify the effectiveness of the approach and industrialised kits and analyse the data and report the main technical and economic outcomes.


Based in Spain, CARTIF is a technology centre that covers a wide range of scientific disciplines. CARTIF specialise in identifying technological needs and developing R&D-based knowledge to support technological innovation in industry.

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