WP6 Assessment of Standardised Systemic Renovation Packages
WP6 Assessment of Standardised Systemic Renovation Packages 2020-11-03T12:30:48+00:00

Workpackage 6 Heading

img_wp6_sampleLed by: EURAC

Team leader: Roberto Fedrizzi

Work Package 6 is the hub for all the information generated by the preceding work packages in iNSPiRE and will be led by the Institute for Renewable Energy, EURAC.
All the data gathered in Work Package 2 and the industrial solutions designed in Work Packages 3 & 4 will be summarised to develop systemic renovation packages (S-RPs) for both residential and tertiary buildings in order to define a process for renovation.

The main outcome expected from WP6 is a database of performance, from an energy perspective, of the packages and technologies working together. This holistic tool will summarise all the outcomes of the numerical simulations with performance figures for the varying aspects of the renovation packages.

The database will be organised in an accessible way in order to serve professionals in the engineering and architectural sectors as well as local authorities and decision makers.

The purpose of this database will be to inform them of the most efficient and cost effective means of the deep renovation of buildings.

The systemic renovation packages developed in Work Package 6 will feed directly into Work Package 7, the demo stage of iNSPiRE.


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