WP7 Demonstration
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Workpackage 7 Heading

img_wp7_sampleLed by: GIT

Team leader: Dr Sonila Bakalli

Work package 7 is the case study stage of iNSPiRE where the developed approaches, tools and technologies will be applied, monitored and assessed.

This work package will be led by construction company Gruppo Industriale Tosoni (GIT) and the objective is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the packages developed in WP3-WP6.

There are three chosen demo sites: one in Ludwigsburg, Germany and one in Madrid, Spain and a third, an office building, in Verona, Italy.

The Ludwigsburg site is an example of social housing built in the 1970s. It contains 3 flats on 3 stories (280m2 ) and during the renovation process a wooden façade and a roof will be fitted onto the building.

The Spanish site is another example of social housing, this time from the 1950s. This site is five stories high and will also be fitted with a wooden façade and roof.
The site in Verona is the office area of the factory Officine Tosoni – a sub-company of GIT. This building is two stories high (280 m2 ) and 200m2 of façade will be fitted onto the front of the building.

Before the renovation process takes place, an energy audit will taken in order to understand the performance baseline of the demo sites. The sites will then be installed with the industrialised kits, distributions systems and building energy management systems.

This work package is closely linked with Work Package 5 which will provide IT solutions for the monitoring and surveillance of the three case studies. The sites will be constantly monitored and this will continue for at least one year. The criteria under which the three buildings will be assessed are: energy, environmental, financial and user’s comfort.
The process and results of Work Package 7 will feed directly into Work Package 8: the analysis of the road to market for the renovation packages.

About GIT

Gruppo Industriale Tosoni (GIT) are based in Italy and operate worldwide in the field of large construction and railways. GIT consists of six sub companies including Officine Tosoni Lino SpA who specialise in the development of building facades.

Contact: www.tosoni.com