WP8 Exploitation of Industrialised Kits and Business Models
WP8 Exploitation of Industrialised Kits and Business Models 2020-11-03T12:47:13+00:00

Workpackage 8 Heading

img_wp8_sampleLed by: ClimateWell

Team leader: Göran Bolin

Work Package 8 will focus on analysing a road to market for the industrialised kits and models produced during the iNSPiRE project. Clean technology company ClimateWell will be leading this task, working in close association with the industry partners in the iNSPiRE consortium.

Using customer acceptance as the guiding principle, the process of analysis in Work Package 8 will cover the industrialization process, installation issues, business models, market introduction and non-technical barriers to large scale implementation of the packages.

ClimateWell will work closely with Work Package 7 the demo stage of iNSPiRE focusing on logistics and installation and taking into account transportation, storage, the plug-and-play potential of the facade solutions as well considerations around insurance and the potential level of disruption to a building’s inhabitants.

Solar Energy Research Centre (SERC) will lead sub task 8.2 and are responsible for investigating non-technical barriers to the developed packages by researching how EU goals and guidelines are interpreted at national and local level.

Work Package 3 leaders, FhG-ISE, are sub task leaders of 8.5, defining standards, quality assurance and certification for the packages.

ClimateWell will consider how the packaging of industrialised kits can be optimised and will define business models for the industralised kits in preparation for introduction to the market.

About ClimateWell

Based in Sweden, ClimateWell are a multinational cleantech company that install energy efficient solar energy solutions in domestic and tertiary buildings in both new construction and renovation projects.

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