WP9 Dissemination, Training and Social Awareness
WP9 Dissemination, Training and Social Awareness 2020-11-03T12:48:16+00:00

Workpackage 9 Heading

img_wp9_sampleLed by: Insight Publishers

Team leader: William Davis

Work Package 9 will oversee all external communications of the iNSPiRE project. This work package will be led by research dissemination specialists and publishers Insight (IPL) and their aim is to create a well-targeted, strategic communications package that will identify key users, create social awareness and facilitate collaboration between partners and stakeholders.

Insight will be responsible for developing full corporate brand identity, building and managing the project’s website as well as overseeing the social media strategy, generating press releases, e-bulletins, flyers and visual media.

Insight will work closely with Work Package 1 to ensure the smooth communication between the partners during the lifetime of iNSPiRE and to deal with any potential IPR issues as well as to facilitate and co-ordinate the final project workshop.

Work Package 9 will also work with Local governments for Sustainability, ICLEI, who will be active in creating a network of local authorities interested in the issues raised by the iNSPiRE project.

ICLEI will be active in generating interest in local authorities and encouraging them to talk to the partners and engage in demo site visits to consider how the solutions developed in iNSPiRE might be applied by them in their own procurement practices in the future.

About Insight

Insight is a specialist media company based in the UK with a range of dissemination services designed for research projects.

Contact: www.ipl.eu.com